One of's areas of expertise is "Optimization. This is not only about using real estate in the best possible way, but also making sure that the technical installation functions as optimally as possible.

Energy consumption and comfort

Whereas comfort was a major driver for optimization in the past, we currently see energy consumption as a major factor due to increased energy costs.
As, we regularly encounter control systems and climate systems that are not optimally set.
Systems are usually well designed in the basics but turn out not to perform well, often with too high energy consumption.
Causes for this can be:
" Incomplete commissioning upon delivery
" Improperly executed mutations in the usage phase
" Improper use due to lack of knowledge and/or instruction.
" Improper management or maintenance contract

Proper adjustment

Proper (in)control of indoor climate systems is becoming increasingly important to reduce energy consumption. By critically and independently examining the installations, substantial improvements are sometimes possible with minor efforts. We look at the design data (what can be expected), the changes compared to the design and of course the possible improvements. Not infrequently we come across installations where heating and cooling work against each other. This can happen when stand-alone cooling systems are installed that do not communicate intelligently with other systems. looks integrally at all issues that are important to ensure an optimally controlled installation.
Architectural, electrical, mechanical and organizational.

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