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For the University of Utrecht, we have made an inventory of various office and educational buildings within the framework of the declaration of use. The information recorded on site has been processed into drawings by means of Autocad. This concerns mainly the escape routes, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, WBDBO separations, occupation and use and so on. The recorded information has not only been used to make the occupancy notification drawings, but has also been the basis for the evacuation plans and attack plans.

All drawing activities are performed according to the latest NEN standards.

Office and education building Langeveld approx. 20,000 m²
Office and education building Earth Sciences approx. 18,500 m²
Office and education building Nieuw Gildestein approx. 33,000 m²
Office and education building Androclus approx. 30,000 m²
Office and education building Wentgebouw approx. 32,000 m²
Janskerkhof Library approx. 8,000 m²
Sport complex Olympos approx. 8,500 m²

In addition to evacuation plans, we can also take care of recordings, advice and drawings for, for example, a notice of use, attack plans and suchlike. We can take care of the whole process for you.