The world around us is becoming more and more technically complex and regulations more and more demanding. In the facilities environment as well as in projects, more and more specialist parties are involved who need to be brought together. In addition, projects must be brought to the desired end point faster and faster. adds in the right mix technical advice, purchase support and project management.

Many people and organizations play with questions that sometimes seem simple but are not always easy to answer. In order to arrive at a successful answer, a number of abstract thresholds often need to be overcome. We have gathered a number of frequently asked questions into 4 main themes.


"How can we make our properties align with our CSR goals?"
You and your organisation are not going to shy away from responsibility towards society, of course. Socially responsible does not only have to be a cost, as is often assumed. Sustainability, circularity but also issues such as increased motivation and productivity of employees can certainly make a positive financial contribution to your organization. Describing and complying with CSR objectives is not a one-off project, but an integral vision of the core activities of your company. 1612 can advise you in all phases.
"How do I get our property off the gas?"
Moving away from gas, in a society that has been geared to gas for decades, is quite a big step. First, thorough research must be carried out and sustainable alternatives must be considered. Next, a sound business case and implementation plan will have to be developed before the transition can be started. You'd rather not do this alone. We can assist you from start to finish. Please contact us to see if 1612 and your organization fit together.
"Does it make sense to put PV panels on our roof?"
In many organizations with a large roof area, the question is asked whether it makes sense to "fill up" the roof. It is not easy to give a good answer, as there are many variables to be taken into account. In addition to technical questions such as whether the roof is strong enough, or whether the available capacity of the electrical connection is sufficient, there are also financial parameters such as the availability of subsidies that determine whether the business case can be closed. Good advice at the right time with a decisive approach can prevent much disappointment later.
"Is there still room for charging stations on our connection?"
That electrification of transport or equipment is unavoidable is something that most people are now convinced of. The departure of combustion engines and their replacement by electric power sources naturally leads to an increasing demand for electric power on the electricity network. Are you playing with the question whether you are future proof? An inventory together with a good integral vision of your organization on the future ensures that you can make the right decisions in time.
"Are my current installations running optimally?"
The impact of incorrectly adjusted or disrupted installations should not be underestimated. Poor comfort, increased energy consumption and the like can often be directly traced to incorrectly used installations. We can help you move forward by formulating and implementing maintenance and sustainability objectives at a strategic level in such a way that your organisation is assured of optimally configured installations for the long term.
"Are we eligible for a subsidy?"
SDE for solar and wind energy and Suvis subsidy for healthy ventilation in schools are currently common applications. Taking care of these applications is not easy for everyone. We can assist you in taking care of the right information needed for these applications.


"Which class of Fresh Schools is optimal for our school?"
Healthy ventilation in schools is a current topic. Achieving the best technical ventilation solution within the characteristics of the building is always customised. Subsidies are available, but taking care of the application is not always easy. We can assist you in taking care of the right information needed for these applications.
"Can our 'cubicle office' better match our staffing?"
Many organisations, property owners and lessors of office buildings are reconsidering their current design concepts. The open-plan office has been on the decline for some time now and Covid has put good ventilation under a magnifying glass, so it is not easy to indicate which requirements need to be met. A good workplace concept also includes good thermal and acoustic comfort.
"How can we optimize the return on our real estate?"
The costs of managing real estate in the Netherlands are steadily increasing. By optimising your real estate and focusing on qualitative catching up (sustainability, comfort, appearance) the yield of your real estate can increase.
"We want to optimize our maintenance and management processes, but how?"
Not or not correctly maintained installations are unfortunately very common. The result can be seen in unforeseen costs due to breakdowns, unsafe situations, dissatisfied and less productive staff, unnecessarily high energy bills, etc. is committed to work with you to come to an appropriate maintenance strategy with the right maintenance partner in a customized maintenance contract. Your profit will be a financially more predictable maintenance approach that offers your organization the desired degree of relief. You are in control and remain in control.
"Office to residence? Hotels or apartments?"
Not a simple exercise, but for real estate owners a change of use of their square meters can provide an interesting increase in return. can assist in every phase of this complex process, from initiative to completion, with a hands-on approach.

Legislation and regulations

"What requirements and regulations do I actually have to comply with?"
This is obviously not an easy question to answer, but it is clear that there is a lot of uncertainty about issues such as ARBO in relation to electrical safety (NEN3140) or legionella control, fire safety in buildings, etc. We can give you clear advice on which regulations are meant for what and how they apply to you or your organization. Together with you, we can also develop control measures to limit the identified risks as much as possible.
"Where are there legal vulnerabilities in our organization?"
This is obviously not an easy question to answer without a good dialogue and thorough research. We would like to get in touch with you.
"How do I get our building records in order?"
Keeping an up-to-date building file is not a high priority for many organizations and is seen as an unnecessary cost item. What is often overlooked is that within relocation or (internal) renovation projects, many unnecessary and repeated costs are incurred which could have been limited with an up-to-date building file. In addition, an up-to-date building file is indispensable to efficiently contribute to the company emergency plan, occupancy notification/permit, evacuation plans, certification of fire alarm or sprinkler systems and the like. can assist your organization in finding the right balance and an optimal building file that suits your organization.
"The government demands that we reduce our energy consumption. How to proceed?"
If the EED Energy Audit is mandatory for your company, you should periodically collect all necessary information about the current energy consumption and the savings potential of your company. can assist you to collect the relevant information and implement measures following an EED Energy Audit together with you, so you can reduce the energy costs of your company.
"Our insurer has additional requirements. Now what?"
Through SCIOS - SCOPE, insurers can demand inspection of various installations, especially in combustion plants and electrical installations and equipment. If you want support with this, can assist your organization.

Operational reliability

"How do I increase the operational reliability of our organization?"
Losses due to power outages, for example, and therefore your primary process or your ICT environment, are a very large cost item. With a good inventory we can make any weak spots or processes in your organization where a (very) high risk is present visible. Mitigating these risks is then the next step in an implementation process that we can go through together with you.
"Are availability of my facilities in line with the risks?"
Uptime is extremely important for the ICT environment. Possible weak spots (single point of failure) in your installation can be made visible by us. Mitigating risks by failure and thus unplanned downtime is the next step in an implementation process that we can go through together with you.